REPELS WATER: The internal and external polyester allows for rain, water or liquids to glide off the material keeping your sleeping bag dry.

TEMPS AT 32°: Because of its high quality, the Ventura can be used in weather as cold as 32 degrees, and sometimes colder in accordance to your tolerance.

LENGTH: Made slightly longer and wider to accommodate more space so you can enjoy a nice night’s sleep.
CORDED HOOD: The Ventura comes with a hood that is corded that can be tightened to keep the warmth in around your head.

ZIPPERS: Designed with a zipper on both the inside and outside so you can zip up whether you are inside or outside of the sleeping bag.

S-SEAM: This construction allows for greater strength and less air entry making the sleeping bag stronger and warmer.

CARRYING SACK: Includes a sack to fold the sleeping bag into making it more compact, giving you more space for other FE Active products.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed with lightweight polyester with heavy duty cotton stuffing. The result is an ultra lightweight sleeping bag.

CLEAN: The Ventura comes with a slick poly finish which allows for it to be easily wiped down with sanitary wipes.

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