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The Best Decision of 2017 – TRAVEL!

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Pack your dry bag, pack your water bottle, pack your clothes, put your mind at ease and travel. The best decision you could make for yourself in the second half of 2017 is a commitment to travel. Why again are you saving up all your vacation time? Why again are you saving up personal days or sick hours? Right, you want to get paid out on them! That theory is a lame excuse for putting off life. Enjoy your life now because you only get one of them. Read these fascinating, yet very devastating statistics on how Americans are using their vacation time at work.

I was just like you, I worked for the man, and even my job was comfortable with summers off as a professor at a university. Even then, the structure killed me. Imagine multiplying that by a cubicle or a micromanaging boss or a tedious knit-picking corporate structure. Ugh! I think I just threw up in my mouth. I’m already packing my dry bag now at just the thought of even having to recreate those images. Get me on the next plane out!

Traveling has so many medical benefits, not to mention the lasting memories you make. You won’t remember October 28th, 2017 because it was the day you sharpened your pencil six times. No, you will remember October 28th, 2017 because it was the day you zip lined in Costa Rica, or went dune bashing in the sand dunes of the Dubai dessert, or threw your dry bag in the back of a boat to surf cloud break in Fiji, or the day you went on your first safari in Kenya. Should I stop there? I think you get the point.

I felt this same urge way back when and realized that a dry bag backpack is not best lift empty, but always ready for its next adventure. It’s almost like your dog, a man’s (or woman) best travel friend. Your dry bag backpack literally waits in anticipation for an exhilarating trip you decide on. But that can’t happen if you don’t take one and instead defer to taking a payout or rollover on your vacation hours.

I’ll be writing an in-depth piece in August regarding the full benefits of travel and breaking down the benefactors of why it is so essential to our well being. Stay tuned for more egging on. Stay away if you enjoy your cubicle. Ta ta for now!

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