Dry Bag and Surfboard: Best Exotic Surf Spots of 2017

Best Exotic Surfing Spots of 2017 – and why you need a dry bag to get there

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My buddy works for Delta Airlines and he was nice enough to add me as his companion for 2016, which means I fly free. I went everywhere, and surfed everywhere in 2016. I’m perplexed why people still travel with huge bags or backpacks, that really are luggages on your back. I bought a 30L dry bag backpack from FE Active called the Cloudbreak at the beginning of the year in 2016 and after packing that dry bag with a couple of board shorts, lots of T’s and a 32oz stainless steel water bottle, I realized I still had room in that wonker of a dry bag. What the heck are people seriously bringing on these trips?

Okay, so you are probably itching to get to the good stuff besides the dry bag pre-packing info. Well, here it is. I traveled most of the globe surfing the normal spots such as Airports in Indonesia, Cloudbreak/Restaurants in Fiji, Trestles in California and the list goes on. But what about all the hidden gems you are dying to know about? My first suggestion is to meet a babe or a bud at an airline and get on their benefits plan. That is my first tip. Below is a list of all the spots I’m suggesting with brief tid bits and in no specific order:

NORTHERN CHILE: I landed in Santiago and rented a car, bought some camping gear and literally just started driving North into the desert. You wouldn’t believe the amount of undiscovered coastline here. Most people go South, so if you are okay surfing by yourself and don’t mind a HEAVY wave give this one a try. You won’t see anybody for days and all the breaks are empty. Perfect A-framing barrels. Wish I could give you some spots and names, but I’m almost certain these spots don’t have names. Just drive to the coast at Viña Del Mar and then work your way up North. You’ll see the same places I noticed quickly. Throw your tent down on the sand, nobody is around so make sure you bring some food.

SOUTHERN ARGENTINA: We made a trip down to Mar Del Plata to see what is down there. Not a whole lot, really. The socio-economic scene is getting a bit hairy, but the surf is fun! It’s not world class, but super fun in a completely different way. Again, there is nobody out if you head further south down past Mar Del Plata on the way down to Patagonia. You’ll see some big mama’s rolling in. I enjoyed this big wave with a longboard.

ICELAND: I’m really scared to even write this because I am almost hoping you don’t take my advice here. However, Iceland is one of the top 3 spots I’ve ever surfed. Wait, why did I just say that? Oh well, hopefully nobody reads this post. I’m going to shut up now.

EAST COAST NEW ZEALAND: For all the talk about the surf on the West Coast of New Zealand, I rented a camper and made my way down the North Island surfing all the breaks along the way. Wholly moly are there some good ones! Start from the very top and make your way down to Hawke’s Bay. You’ll be sure to score some fun ones with an amazing off-shore wind.

That’s it for the first half of 2017. I’ll continue to surf with just me and my dry bag and update everyone for the second half of 2017. Make the most of your time here on Earth. There’s lots to see of it… and surf of it!

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