Havasupai dry bag backpack FE Active

Dry Bag Ambassadors go Nuts!

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What do you need when you head to Havasupai and find water bluer than the sky? Duh, a dry bag backpack of course. This hike is not easy, but also not hard. Two of our ambassadors share their story through a quick video of their adventure in the water. As you can see, the dry bag backpack comes in hand quite nicely. In the header image, the steep drop into the water is one of the only ways down from one of the rock faces. I can’t even imagine what you would do if you didn’t have a dry bag. The backpack sits nicely on her back as she free falls from the sky into the water. Her landing is surely a 10, and sure enough, all her gear is dry and secure inside the dry bag.

The video is quite a great illustration of the beautiful places the States has in comparison to its competitors all over the world. The contrast of the vibrant orange rock against the crystalizing blue water is a colorful work of art only God could come up with. The dry bag backpack by FE Active gets plenty of use at this place and when its seen in action, it’s a beautiful site to see. The dry bag backpack can be seen going through waterfalls, free fall jumps, water crossings and some of the dryer elements of all the dust kicking up. The video sums up exactly what FE Active is all about. The end of the video especially sums up life by enjoying a good meal, in front of a beautiful waterfall in a gorgeous setting. That doesn’t happen at the end of a water excursion unless you have your handy dry bag backpack. Enjoy the moments worth living for, and make your first purchase the FE Active Cloudbreak dry bag backpack.

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