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Dry Bag – And your Best Family Memories

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Dry bag and family go hand in hand right? Some might not always think dry bag is synonymous with family, but here at FE Active we do. If you love your family, you wouldn’t let them wear wet clothes would you? You wouldn’t let them soak their brand new iPhone would you? Of course you wouldn’t. A dry bag would not let you do these things either. The FE Active dry bag called the Cloudbreak has been linking the word dry bag and family for centuries. Well, let me rephrase that, maybe for decades, centuries just sounded better.

For me and my family, we love to go camping. The first pack I grab is always my dry bag and I immediately proceed to put all our most valuable things in that trusty dry bag. Our dry bag is a 30L waterproof backpack so it can really hold quite a bit. In fact, I have two since our family continues to inherently grow, much like my dry bag collection. While camping, my family and I are constantly taking dips in the beach, going on wet excursions, and living life as if it were 70% water. After all, our earth is covered by mostly that amount of water, so why not enjoy it if we have it. This is why I don’t let it stop me and my family from having a bit of fun with the water, but most importantly you need a dry bag to enjoy it. I say that because unfortunately, like all good things, they come to an end. And when our excursions abruptly end, we need to hop on that iPhone immediately to check work emails, search and buy diapers on Amazon and read about the latest CNN newsfeed about all the violence in the world.

I realize that last part was kind of a bummer, so let me reboot your spirits. I hereby am encouraging you to go on your local state’s website, find the nearest campsite to your location, and grab a few dry bags and pack your family up for a trip you will never forget. It is that simple, you just need a bit of motivation. If you are by a beach, throw some surfboards in the car. If you are by the mountains, throw your snowboard in there along with a few sleds. If you are by the lake then hurl those paddleboards on top of your car and go enjoy life! Nothing is better than enjoying this life with your family, especially while doing it camping. I’ll leave you with this last advice, something you’ve heard me say before – bring your dry bag or else it will put a damper on everything. If you didn’t get that last joke, here’s a clue: find the play on words. Happy camping and happy dry bag!

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