FE Active Safe Hiking Tips

FE Active’s Helpful Guide to a Successful and Safe Hiking Journey

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FE Active Safe Hiking Tips

Of course we promote excursions that include the elemental forces of risk, but we are here to encourage calculated risks. Hiking has always been about the unknown. Today, however, it has largely turned into cut out paths of grass with signs letting you know where to go. Those hikes are great, don’t get me wrong, but hiking has always been about something more than that. It has always been about the challenge, the risk and the workout. With that said, this doesn’t mean you arrogantly go into hikes, and somehow that makes your hike more brave. No, you go into hikes intelligently, packing and preparing for the possibility of what could be, and certainly can be. I’ve prepared a little checklist guide for you to help increase your chances of having a successful hike:

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Go into hikes as if you were studying for a final exam. Learn the mountain, the terrain, the potential run-ins with what animals, what hazards and what weather conditions.
  2. PACK APPROPRIATELY. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t steer you towards FE Active gear? I guess an unbiased blogger. Screw that. I only write for FE Active because I personally use all their camping gear, trekking gear, hiking gear and outdoor gear. Without a doubt, I always bring my water bottle, stainless steel water bottle to be exact. I typically bring the 32oz water bottle, which is roughly 1 liter of water. I pack two of those normally and if I’m on a really long hike, I might even pack a third and move to a bigger dry bag backpack. Which leads me to my next point. Bring the FE Active dry bag backpack. Their 30L to be specific is great for short to medium sized hikes. You can get everything you need in there. If you are going on a day hike bring all the accessories you might need including a swiss army knife, tape, head lamp, extra cell phone charger etc. Don’t overlook the small things.
  3. BUDDY UP. Strength is always greater in numbers. The buddy system is crucial since there is always an eye witness should something happen unforeseen on the hike.
  4. DISCLOSE YOUR COORDINATES. No sense in being secretive, unless of course you are running from the law. Always tell someone not going on the hike where you plan to be and what your intended route will be. That will help first responders should god for bid something happen.
  5. HAVE FUN. This last and final step is crucial. If you aren’t enjoying your hike then your energy will be low and your effort will be mediocre. A lot of times on a hike there will be a critical point in the trail where physical athleticism will be involved. If you aren’t having a great time and there is a sense of hesitancy, that could spell danger if you can’t complete a part of the trail that is mandatory. Go out and have a great time!

That is it from me. Go out and enjoy yourself, but be smart. Always remember to follow these tips above and everything will work out fine. It always does.

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