Cronulla Honey Comb Mattress Pad


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DESIGN: Designed by outdoor enthusiasts from California, USA. The Cronulla sleeping pad was created for the camper/hiker on the go looking to save space and weight on their pack. The hexagon mold creates an egg-crate comfort and the design of the pouch-inflate system leaves more air in your lungs and lets the FE Active technology do the work. Just connect the air spout on the pouch to the female air spout on the sleeping pad and let the trapped air transfer through easy compressions.

CONSTRUCTION: The Cronulla is constructed with 40D Nylon, which is a strong material meant to resist ripping or tearing. The material is then additionally TPU coated to make it water resistant. The carrying pouch used to house and inflate the mattress pad is also TPU coated so that the product stays dry while stored on your pack.

DIMENSIONS: FE Active’s sleeping pad is designed to offer maximum comfort and support. The Cronulla mattress pad is 74.5 inches long, 22.5 inches wide, and 2 inches thick while inflated. The Cronulla camping mat compactly rolls up into its pouch for a total weight of 1 pound that can be easily carried and clipped onto a backpack. For your reference, The Cronulla pad is gray.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The Cronulla camping mattress comes with a water resistant carry bag, pouch-inflate system, anti-rip and tear materials, hexagon pattern. Additionally, it is convenient to clean, easy to inflate and deflate, and is water resistant. The Cronulla works well for both adults and kids.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: FE Active’s entire customer service and design operations are based in California, USA. Your questions can be appropriately and quickly answered by any of our outdoor enthusiasts.