Bubble Inflatable Pillow


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DESIGN: Designed by outdoor enthusiasts from California, USA. The Bubble Pillow was designed for maximum comfort while using limited amounts of materials in an effort to achieve the creation of an ultra lightweight, compact pillow for extended length excursions.

CONSTRUCTION: Made from a comfortable nylon elastic fabric, this quick inflate pillow has a dual contour construction which allows for a more ergonomic, better night sleep.

DIMENSIONS: The Bubble Pillow measures 15.7 inches x 11.8 inches x 3.9 inches or 40 centimeters x 30 centimeters x 10 centimeters. It weighs a very light 3.2 ounces or 90.5 grams.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The Bubble Pillow includes a compact carry bag for minimal use of space on your pack. The quickly inflate nozzle takes just a few breaths of air and the materials used in construction are quick and easy to clean after use.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: FE Active’s entire customer service and design operations are based in California, USA. Your questions can be appropriately and quickly answered by any of our outdoor enthusiasts.