Galapagos Oversized Rain Fly


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DESIGN: The Galapagos rain tarp is the biggest and highest quality outdoor easy up rain and sun shelter on the market. This ultralight tarp for tent camping and hammock camping is compact but large enough to easily cover a 2 person tent, 4 person tent, double hammock or standard size treehouse. Ideal for your backpacking gear essentials for your portable hammock and tents to set up camp while you travel on your hiking excursions. Also great for shade during picnics and outdoor activities

CONSTRUCTION: This camping tarp is made of extremely high quality and high count 380T ripstop nylon, a lightweight tarp textile that is the most durable on the market today. It has an additional 5000mm of PU coating, something no fly compares to, making this rainfly 100% waterproof and ideal for your rain gear, hiking accessories or emergency backpack. An appropriate distance between each tree is needed to secure the outdoor tarp properly and the rope line is adjustable with the included stakes

DIMENSIONS: This camping canopy covers a lot of space with dimensions of 12ft x 9ft or 3.66m x 2.75m. The dimensions of the carry bag are incredibly small at 11in x 9in or 28cm x 23cm and weighs 1.5lbs or .7kg without the bag and 1.65 lbs or .75kg with the bag. Included are 5 ropes, one 6m ropes used for the tree line and four that are 3m long for the guy lines to secure each corner to the stakes in the ground. Setup is easy for both men and women. Video and literature instructions are included

FEATURES: A perfect tent tarp if your 2 man tent or 4 man tent are summer season tents. Upgraded aluminum stakes are included for additional strength and security. With a 5000mm PU waterproof coating and easy folding capabilities for compact travel it’s the perfect waterproof tarp to add to your camp gear because it won’t use up vital space with your backpacking tent and outdoor hammock. This hammock rain fly pairs well with our double hammock with mosquito bug net and our summer season tents

USES: Great christmas and birthday gifts for those that love hiking, camping, hunting and climbing. Also great for motorcycle trips and trekking adventures while backpacking outdoors. Better than other thin tarps because of the 380T rip-stop nylon tarp material used. This high grade material that can withstand high winds and powerful storms. Its ultralight and compact style is perfect for any camping or emergency kit as it uses minimal space. This camping shelter is ideal for all seasons