Raglan Camping Lantern


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DESIGN: The Raglan camping lantern is one of the bests solar lanterns on the market. It is a compact lightweight portable multi-purpose solar light that works great for the beach, camping, hiking and is a perfect solar night light for outdoor. Very easy to carry this led lantern is a must have for your backpacking gear essentials. Additionally this solar lantern is a mosquito zapper that you can use during your garden parties as outdoor lantern. Perfect for your emergency kit when you go camping

CONSTRUCTION: This rechargeable flashlight in ABS plastic, a material of high rigidity, good impact resistance and insulating properties that make it strong and durable in time, is an essential camping gear. The emergency light Raglan is a solar power light led light with a 2835 led and its batteries are 18650 rechargeable battery built-in with 4.5V and a lighting output of 180 LM. This led camping light can be used as a torch light that you can carry in your emergency backpack survival kit

DIMENSIONS: This multi-purpose light is 3.35 inches by 5.24 inches or 85 millimeters by 133 millimeters. It weighs 0.66 pounds or 300 grams. This rechargeable led camping light makes a perfect tent light but also a great outdoor patio light, led night light, portable flashlight. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your backpack with the rest of your camping equipment but it can also be a life saver if you put it in your hurricane supplies. It is an ideal portable multifunctional light

FEATURES: The camping lantern light Raglan and its many functions are essential for your camping supplies but not only. Indeed it is a portable bug zapper for camping or a lantern zapper that you can use while having dinner in outdoor garden. It also has an USB output to charge your cellphones for emergency. Finally this outdoor solar lantern is one of the best emergency lights for home power failure and you can always have it ready in case of emergency as it is an easy rechargeable lantern

USES: Great Christmas and birthday gift for those that love hiking, camping, boating, hunting, trekking, fishing, climbing, rafting, canoeing and backpacking. This outdoor light is a must have for your camping accessories. Its many functions such as solar light, portable zapper and led flashlight make it one of the best camping gadgets. Also, it is so compact that its small storage size is ideal for cross country motorcycle trips, bike trips, boat trips, surf trips and a motor home RV