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Surfing Tool belt – Add the Dry Bag Immediately

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Do you have a dry bag for all your surfing needs? Do you even know what a dry bag is? Read on…

Like every good man, the time will inherently come when you have to trade in your truck for that dinky car you never wanted. If you are lucky, maybe it is an SUV or, even better, a mini-van. Whatever the case may be, a truck is the ultimate surf wagon. It really is not even debatable. Being able to throw your surfboard in the back, your wetsuit chucked over it, your drenched leash leaking into the bed liner beside it and your damp towel spread eagle under it all.

But I didn’t come here to speak truck-inese, I came to brighten your day up with dry bag wishes. It is the answer to not having a truck, but keeping your wet stuff contained. The dry bag is essentially a waterproof backpack that contains the water in one place due to its 500 denier, thick and welded, double coated PVC material. Take FE Active‘s 30L Dry Bag Cloudbreak for example. This dry bag backpack has this same waterproof coating I just elaborately spoke of, and when used properly, it does wonders with all your surf gear. It is never fun having a car, which for all intensive purposes, an automobile that doesn’t include a bed in the back. Are you starting to sense my passive aggressive tone for cars that are not trucks? Anyways, cloth furniture inside these cars feel like it is everywhere. Everywhere! Now imagine throwing on top of this cloth your dripping surfboard, soaked wetsuit, damp towel, runny leash, possible sopping wet bathing suit and anything else you managed to pull from the ocean. It gives me the willies just thinking about it. But like every good problem, there is always a good solution. Enter the dry bag. The dry bag is the perfect tool to fix these wet problems. Having a nice waterproof dry bag backpack can contain all the wetness into a solidified compartment and throwing the dry bag into the back of your car not only saves you from a wet backseat, but also saves you heaps of space. The dry bag can also be brought down to the water with you in case you want to change wetsuits, change bathing suits or you want to use it just for storing wax and other additional surf equipment. The waterproof backpack is known amongst these circles as a dry bag. Do yourself a favor and have yourself a look at the Cloudbreak or Cottons dry bag made by FE Active and start saving your car from wet, moldy, smelly seats today. Happy dry bag surfing!

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