Stainless steel water bottle great for marathon runners

Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Bottles and Marathoners

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There are those that love running Marathons. Why? I – HAVE – NO – IDEA! While I do pride myself on being an all around workout fanatic – surfing, paddling, hiking, biking, lifting and running, I literally have to force myself to run. What is so fun about running that people obsess about it? Before I make myself go on a run, I take my stainless steel water bottle, fill the water bottle up with as much water as possible, drink the entire water bottle, set it down and take off sprinting hoping I don’t pass out on my 3 mile journey. I do this two to three times a week and I’m lucky I’m still here today. If I didn’t have that stainless steel water bottle to keep my hydrated before my run, I don’t think I’d even make it 2 miles, let alone 26.2 miles.

So at mile two, I become convinced that people that run marathons are quite possibly crazy. I’m all for a nice 30 minute run, clear some thoughts in my head, but 3-5 hours running? No thank you. I become bored and soon focus on my breathing and steps and realize that it couldn’t continue for another couple hours. I know what you are thinking, it’s mental. Well, no, it’s reality. Yes, I could probably run 26.2 miles if I put my mind to it, but my question is always the same, why? Why the heck am I running for 26.2 miles? That’s not fun! If you can’t bring a water bottle, how do you refuel? If you can’t bring a piece of pizza, how do you grind? If you just put one foot in front of the other for 5 hours, that’s not entertaining in the slightest.

Alas, I arrive at the explanation of my title. So how do water bottles and stainless steel bottles correlate to Marathon runners? Well, I realized you couldn’t write a whole blog about how one training for a Marathon needs water and that the best way to do so is to carry your water bottle around with you constantly. Proper hydration is key because if you are anything like me, running two miles may look like I ran 30. I lose heaps of my water weight through sweat when running. Imagine training for a marathon on a daily basis. You must continue to drink water to correct the loss of water through your training program. But then again, who am I to lecture you. I suppose this isn’t advice, it’s common sense. Have some! Enjoy your running and good luck in your marathon!

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