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There are many kinds of love out there and we cherish each one of them. All of us at FE Active want to help you celebrate love differently: skip the cluttered restaurants, the overpriced flowers, and the conventional way of spending February 14th.

Love is so much more than that.

Go out there and enjoy this beautiful feeling doing what you love most with that someone who you love most. Grill something, drink a two buck chuck, listen to the forest and let the sun shine on you.

Authentic experiences empower love.

Our top picks

for a getaway full of love and comfort

The 5* Dining Setting

Two people, one heart. Two chairs, one table. That's the golden rule. 

Discover the
Nuqui highback chair, the Noosa lowback chair and the Kruger, our all-aluminium table. All of them are super compact, lightweight and easy to set up.



The Love Hammock

When love needs a push, that's when the Trestles comes in! Lightweight, easy to set up and move, the hammock can hold two people comfortably for a swing or a cozy sleep. It also keeps you bug-free thanks to its removable mosquito net!

FE-Active-tent-dry-bag-27 (1).jpg

The compact
5* Suite

Also known as the all-season lovers' nest, the Escondido tent makes the perfect home away from home. And if you want to watch the night sky or daylight scenery, simply remove the rainfly and enjoy the view.



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