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This summer, we’re going on an escapade.

Where? Anywhere the wind takes us, of course!

Now is the time to be daring.

Make this your best, most memorable summer ever. Go camping with friends, tell stories by the fire, take trips to the beach, or paddle out to the waters.

Whatever you do…

Let the sun shine on you.

Our top picks

for an adventure full of excitement


The Beach Blanket

Sandy clothes, towels, and bags can quickly get in the way of all there is to love about the sea. Good thing the Weligama is here to save the day!

This one-of-a-kind blanket filters the sand with its dual layer mesh technology and keeps it from sticking to your gear. Lightweight, quick-drying, and foldable, pack it in your bag and use it as an outdoor mat, picnic, or beach blanket for all your getaways. 


FE-Active-tent-dry-bag-27 (1).jpg

The Compact
5* Suite

Also known as the all-season lovers' nest, the Escondido tent makes the perfect home away from home. And if you want to watch the night sky or daylight scenery, simply remove the rainfly and enjoy the view.



The Love Hammock

Lightweight, easy to set up and move, the Trestles hammock can hold two people comfortably for a swing or a cozy sleep. It also keeps you bug-free thanks to its removable mosquito net!



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