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Unplug with FE: The Health Benefits of camping

Bring peace, perspective, and tranquility to your life. It’s time to take some time to unplug for an afternoon, weekend, or even longer. Prioritize yourself, explore what matters, and unplug with FE.

No need to wait for the warmer months

Don’t let the cold season stop you from exploring the outdoors. Winter camping is made possible with FE Active gear. It’s durable, well-made, and built to ensure comfort and functionality even in the colder months. Check out our top picks for winter camping below:

Jasper compact camping cot - One of our best sellers for a reason, this ultralight folding cot will take your camping experience to the next level. The perfect accessory for cold-season camping, this easy-to-set-up cot will keep you elevated and away from the cold ground.

Escondido 2-person all-season tent - Our Escondido tent is perfect not only for summer outings but also for cold-season outdoor trips. This high-quality ultralight tent is crafted with waterproof materials to help keep the cold out and protect you from harsher conditions - the best tent for winter camping!

Ventura sleeping bag - We crafted the Ventura sleeping bag with materials that will keep you warm and cozy - an exterior polyester shell for water resistance, an inner lining of ultrasoft pongee material for comfort, and hollow cotton for heat retention. This lightweight sleeping bag is perfect for all your winter camping trips. Consider adding our Vernon Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner for an extra layer of warmth in those extra cold months!

The health benefits of camping

We can think of a million reasons to go camping - from enjoying a low-cost break away from the day-to-day to reconnecting with nature. Camping is also good for your mind, body, and soul. We've listed some of the amazing health benefits you can get when you camp:

Staying fit. Camping is a great way to get moving. Exploring requires effort and energy. Go further by adding cycling, swimming, or hiking to your itinerary. And the next time you find the thought of going to the gym unappealing, you can try camping instead,

Sun exposure. Camping gets you outside and under the sun, which has long been proven to help improve mood and focus. Moderate sun exposure also helps your body produce Vitamin D, which has antioxidant benefits, supports immune health, and helps with calcium absorption for healthier bones and teeth.

Stress relief. A break from the repetitive nature of your day-to-day life and the stressful things that come with it can help improve your mental and overall well-being. Camping can help you relax and recharge, so escape the digital world for a moment, focus on the present, and enjoy nature alone or with friends.

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