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Caribou Munroe's Island Provincial Park | Nova Scotia | Canada | Travel Blog Series: S2:E1

Located along the warm waters of the Northumberland Straight is the stunning Caribou Munroe's Island Provincial Park. Located just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Nova Scotia's capital city of Halifax, this park is the perfect get away for anyone with access to a vehicle.

Basic Info

Address: 2119 Three Brooks Road, Caribou, NS, B0K 1H0

Phone Number: 902-485-6134

Season: Open from June 3 to October 10

Important Facilities and Services

  • 47 Unserviced Campsites

  • 42 Serviced Campsites

  • 4 Walk-in Campsites

  • Restrooms and Showers

  • Dishwashing Station

  • Trailer Dump

  • Cooking Shelter

  • Firewood / Ice

  • Wifi

  • Beach Access

  • Trails


During our visit to Caribou Munroe's Island Provincial Park, we had the opportunity to spend several nights exploring the campground and park. During this time, we had the chance to set up our tent and spend time in nature - enjoying everything the park had to offer.

The sites were rather spacious - big enough to hold our 9 person behemoth of a tent - and then some. Looking back, the tent was much too large and we could have easily been satisfied with our versatile 4 Person All-Season Tent from FE Active. It's always good to have a little more space around camp - as you don't want your tent too close to the fire.

Not far from the campsites themselves is the trail which leads you down to the sandy beach. Stretching on for some time, you can sit and enjoy the soft yellow sand, or follow the beach and get a bit of a walk in - that's what we did anyway. You can see what the beach is like by watching the video of our time here below. After you're done, we'd encourage you to follow us along on our YouTube Channel for other adventures and locations.

After we were finished, we wanted to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of this stunning area. Before we knew better, we used to sit out on the beach with just the sand, and perhaps a towel of some sort if we remembered. I was never the type of person who would do this for a long time though - I simply found it a tad boring, the sand was hot, and it would get over everything.

Things have changed in the last several years however. I have been able to beat the heat by bringing the FE Active Mavericks Beach Tent, a highly portable structure that opens large and packs small. My wife and I could both stretch out and stay out of the sun at the same time, which was really nice.

But what's going to the beach without actually getting a tan?

That's where the FE Active Weligama beach mat comes in. Big enough for the two (or more), we could finally lounge on the sand without getting burned, and the sand wouldn't pile up on our blanket. How is that you ask? It's due to the construction of this beach mat. This one is almost a "one-way mesh" allowing sand to sift under the mat anytime without coming back up.

Now that we have both the beach tent and beach mat I find I can spend hours in the same spot I would usually only spend minutes.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at our time in Caribou Munroe's Island Provincial Park. we are convinced this has now become one of our favorite campsites in the entire province. In addition to being a great stop on it's own, others may find the proximity to the Prince Edward Island Ferry very helpful. You can spend the night here at the campground, and then head to the ferry in the morning to catch the early sailing - making it so you don't have to get up even earlier to make the long drive.

Both adults and children will love the campground. With almost 100 campsites available, campers of all styles will have a place to stay. We enjoyed that the area had a lot of privacy and the sites didn't seem to be "on top" of each other - a problem with have with many privately run locations.

If you've been thinking about spending some time here, think no more. Do it. You won't regret it.

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