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5 "Must-Bring" Beach Items to Beat the Heat

Close your eyes. Picture yourself lying on the beach. The water slowly crashing on shore. The air filled with laughter as kids play in the sand. But wait! Sand everywhere. Burning feet. Sand fleas! Oh my!

The beach can be a place of pleasure or pain. We've compiled the Top 5 Items to make your beach day filled with good memories, fun times and relaxing moments - all while beating the heat on a mid-summers day.

#1 Sandals and Swimwear

A beautiful day at the beach can be quickly over shadowed if you don't have a way to beat the heat. Be sure to bring a pair of sandals, as the sand can carry the heat and burn your feet as you walk up and down the coastline. Take a dip in the water (from time to time) to help regulated your core body temperature and bring it down after being in the sun for extended periods of time.

Pro Tip: Be sure to drink lots of fluids. If you're feeling unwell, you may have sun stroke. Be sure to get in the water to cool down and get out of the sun!

#2 Sunscreen and Hats

Unlike that one stubborn dentist, 5/5 doctors say it's a good idea to bring sunscreen to the beach. We can't speak for you, but we love soaking in the warm summer sun! There is one thing to consider when doing that though - the UVA and UVB radiation emitted from the suns rays can be damaging to our skin. So what can you do?

Consider bringing sunscreen that is water resistant, as you'll want to get in the water as noted in tip #1. Reapplying sunscreen is always a smart choice - even if it's water resistant.

Double your sun protection by bringing a brimmed hat with you to the beach. Bringing a hat like the FE Active Lunai or Moloaki trucker hat (which offer a lot of moisture wicking vents) are a great option as you won't trap the heat close to your head.

#3 Beach Mat / Blanket

As much as we love the feel of the sand between our toes, staying off the sand in hot conditions will make your time more enjoyable. A beach mat or blanket will provide some relief to the skin when hanging beachside. Staying on a cooler (sand-free) surface to tan, eat or lounge will help provide that separation, plus it will keep your feet and gear cleaner.

Did we mention it also helps keep away the bugs which are buried in the sand?

Consider a product like the FE Active Weligama Sand-Free Blanket which filters away sand particles as it shifts beneath your feet. Unlike traditional mats which retain sand, this option filters them out creating a space which is sand-free, and more enjoyable. In addition to these practical "sand -free solutions", the impressive 2 m x 2 m dimensions will fit the entire family on one blanket!

#4 Waterproof Bag

Keep your food, camera and other important items safe from the salt water and sand by incorporating a waterproof bag into your regular beach going gear. For smaller trips, the 20L Huntington is a great option, but for larger families, the 30L Cloudbreak will provide a bit of extra space for towels, toys and sunscreen. Each bag has side pockets for water bottles - another important accessory!

If you plan on picnicking or bringing a drink (or two) with you beach side, the larger 35L Dolomiti Insulated Cooler Bag is where it's at. Unlike a traditional hardtop cooler, this bag can be carried as a backpack making it easier to transport, while leaving your hands free for other items.

#5 Beach Tent

Perhaps the easiest way to keep out of the sun is by setting up a beach tent. Unlike traditional camping tents, beach tents are open on one side, and have lots of ventilation, and some, like ours, pack up ultra-small*.

The FE Active Maverick takes these principals and perfects them. With x-large dimensions, they entire family can take refuge in the same tent, without being cramped. A wide mouth for easy entry, and vented rear mesh back, allow for proper airflow and circulation. It also prevents the wind from catching the tent and ripping it down!

Feel extra protected knowing FE Active beach tents have SPF 30 (equivalent) coverage built right into the fabric. It's these little details that make the difference.

*not all beach tents fold up small or have as much interior space as the Maverick. Choose a design that works best for you and your family.

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