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Double vs Single Sleeping Bags. Who Wins? The Answer will Surprise You!

As you explore your options for sleeping bags, you may come across those made for two. These "Double" sleeping bags are designed for sharing a space, much like you do in a traditional bed.

At first glance, these sleeping bags may sound like a great option (and for some they are), but take a moment and consider this - did you know you can turn two FE Active Zeros sleeping bags into one? This revelation may change the way you camp.

Advantages of a Double Sleeping Bag

Lets say you decide on the double sleeping bag. What are the advantages to this? Well, consider these:

  • You only need to bring one sleeping bag instead of 2

  • Less setup time - unroll and you're done

  • Immediate cuddle time

Disadvantages of a Double Sleeping Bag

With these advantages, it's easy to see why this convenient and speedy option may be the way to go. Before we write the cheque however, lets take a look at some disadvantages.

  • The weight - Double sleeping bags are often really heavy. This added weight can make lugging it to the car and into the tent that much harder

  • Needs more storage space - Remember, unlike two Zeros, one sleeping bag can't be shifted around the vehicle or at home storage. You have a single, large sleeping bag to pack

  • You may not be warm enough - When the temperature drops, cuddling may sound like a great option, but single sleeping bags have lots of draft, as you have two bodies moving around, compared with one. If you choose this bag, you have no option to separate if the night time temps drop and you want to sleep alone

Why Choose Two Zeros Sleeping Bags?

Looking at the Pros and Cons you may find that you are at an impasse. We recommend having two sleeping bags and combine them to form one. Why do we recommend this? Consider the following reasons:

  • Each bag is Ultralight - You may have to make an extra trip (or not) but not having to lug a single heavy bag will make your arms (and back) happier!

  • Each bag can be packed in a separate location, allowing for easier packing and increased storage options

  • In cold temps, they can be separated to be used solo

  • When not traveling with your partner, you are not bound to bringing a double sleeping bag for a single person

  • You can achieve all the Pro's listed above by simply zipping them together

Combining the Bags

Interested in learning how to combine the bags? We've prepared some instruction for you, but we recommend watching the video below to get a better understanding of the process.

  1. Completely unzip both sleeping bags

  2. Place one sleeping bag on the ground (logo faced down), completely open

  3. Place the second sleeping bag on top, lining the zippers up at their “start” points

  4. Zip the top sleeping bag to the bottom one

  5. Follow the zipper along all sides of the sleeping bag

Final Thoughts

Now that you are ready to head out and camp the night away, be sure to plan ahead for a comfortable sleep. Having a way to keep you off the ground will help provide a warmer, more comfortable sleep.

Consider getting yourself a traditional air mattress, inflatable camping pad, or a FE Active Jasper Cot. Looking for an alternative? Why not try hammock camping using our FE Active Trestles Camping Hammock - it may just be the best way to sleep yet!

Wondering where you can buy the Zeros sleeping bag? Find everything online at, through an authorized distributor (such as or on Amazon.

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