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FE Active Jasper Cot Set-Up Guide | Version 1 - Standing Position

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Camping comfort has come along way over the years. Today, we can choose a sleeping system that works best for our camping arrangement.

One of the most comfortable and innovative additions to our sleeping systems are the folding camping beds, also known as cots. Cots are a great way to pair comfort and portability while on the road – especially when you consider the versatility of the FE Active Jasper Folding Cot – one of the best folding cots in the industry.


Folding cots are an amazing deviation from the traditional camping cot. "Bulky, heavy and oversized" are terms that are often used to define these ancient forms of cots. Today, we have compact, lightweight and portable beds that add comfort to your night, and an amazing alternative to traditional sleeping pads and air mattresses.

The Jasper Cot integrates many impressive materials that help make it an Amazon "Best Seller". Take a moment to look over some of the features and see why FE Active, and the Jasper Camping Cot, is the way to go for your next camp sleeping solution.

  • Made from high-grade 7075 aluminum with upgraded nylon joints

  • Fabric is constructed of 420D oxford polyester and is finished with a PU coating

  • Cot is 75" x 27.5" or 190.5 cm x 70 cm

  • Cot sits 6.7" or 17 cm off the ground

  • Weighs approximately 4.6 lbs or 2.1 kg

  • The load capacity is 240 lbs or 110 g

  • Includes a compact carrying bag

Set Up

Setting up the Jasper Folding Cot is quick and easy, and can be done standing or sitting. We’ll look at how to set up and take down the Jasper Cot in the sections below, but we encourage you to watch the video for a better understanding of the process. In this version of the blog, we’ll look at setting up and taking down the cot from the standing position. Please see our other blog post on how to set up and take down the cot from the ground.


  1. Begin my opening the bag by pushing on each end of the toggle and pulling back, relaxing the draw string

  2. Remove contents from the bag. You should have 5 legs, two side poles, a storage bag/pillow and a canvas

  3. Begin my unrolling the canvas and placing it on the ground with the logo facing down

  4. Connect the two side rail pieces by sliding the pieces into each other to create one long pole and thread them through each side of the canvas. Note: You can only insert the poles from one end of the canvas

  5. Once the side poles are inserted, use you thumbs to slide the end of the poles into the pockets located inside next to holes where you inserted the poles

  6. Connect each of the 5 feet by connecting them in the middle, and then each end. The bungee cords should snap each piece into place. The parts should be firm and not slide around

  7. From a standing position, grab one of the side of the cot and have the other end hanging down. Attach one leg to the pole that is closest to the ground, and then the top

  8. Repeat for all 5 legs until the cot is completely set up

FE Active Jasper Folding Cot legs and side poles in folded position


  1. Turn the cot on it's side and begin removing each of the 5 legs by pushing down on the leg from the top until it pops off the side rail. The bottom should come off easily when pulled on

  2. Using your thumb, push each side pole out of its pocket and slide out. Be sure to start from the end with the opening!

  3. Pull apart each side pole and fold

  4. Use the natural creases in the cot fabric as a template and fold the canvas

  5. Roll the fabric with the end poles in the middle and place in the bag

  6. Insert the feet into the bag. Try placing 2 feet with the thicker "black plastic" ends in first (black end at the bottom of the bag) with the remaining 3 legs with the black ends facing toward the opening

  7. Tighten the opening by pulling on the string, and lock into place by pushing on both ends of the toggle, sliding it toward the bag opening, and then releasing when in place

Pro Tip: Use an elastic band for each leg and one for both side poles to keep the pieces together. This will not only keep them organized, it will make it much easier to pack!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a backwoods thru-hiker, weekend cabin goer, or front country stayer, you'll love the convenience, style and portability of the Jasper Folding Cot. Wondering where you can buy the Jasper? Find everything online at or on Amazon.

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