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FE Active "Kruger" Folding Camping Table Set-Up Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As professional campers and travelers, we know when we're missing a piece of gear that would help bring everything together. It took us a long time to figure out what was missing in our array of camping gear - but once we found it, we knew - it was the Kruger Folding Table.

This table is everything you could want in a camping table - lightweight, packs up small, easy to transport, weather resistant and the perfect height when paired with the Noosa or Nuqui chairs!


Whether you're sitting by the fire or remote cooking, the Kruger camping table will become your new best friend. If you're tired of putting your food and drinks on the ground, or messing around with the awkward built-in cup holders on your chair, turn your attention to this product. You'll thank us. Believe me.

Take a look at its versatility by considering the following specifications:

  • Base made from strong 7075 aluminium

  • 22" x 18" x 15.9" (56 cm x 46 cm x 40.5 cm)

  • Weighs 1.9 lbs (860 g)

  • Load capacity is 330 lbs (150 kg)

  • Folds down to 22" x 5.5" (56 cm x 14 cm)

  • Included travel / storage bag


Setting up the Kruger Folding Table is super simple. With only a table top and base to attach, set-up literally takes 30 seconds. We'll look at how to set up and re-pack the table below, but we encourage you to watch the video for better understanding of the process.


  1. Loosen the drawstring around the bag opening by pressing on each end of the toggle and pulling away from the bag to open

  2. Pull out both the table top and table base. Set the table top aside

  3. Unfold the table base by spreading apart the legs by grabbing two black corners (in the middle) and pulling out

  4. You will see two "hanging" table cross-braces. Grab one and completely rotate it over the table until it reaches the opposite corner

  5. Press the cross-brace into the corner. There will be a small protrusion where the hole on the cross-brace will fit in

  6. Repeat for the other cross brace

  7. Remove the bungee ties over the table top by sliding them off the end and unfold the table top

  8. Place the table top so the grooves on the outer pieces of the table top (along outer edge on each end) align with the grooves on the corners of the table

  9. Press firmly in each corner to secure the table top in place

Pro Tip: The Kruger can be used more than just around the campfire! In addition to holding your food and drinks, try using it as a flat surface for food prep and a place for your camp stove when cooking. Be creative in its uses!


  1. Begin by pulling the table off the frame by grabbing each corner and pulling up firmly while keeping the base on the ground

  2. Fold the table top back and forth until the table top is completely stacked

  3. Unhook two cross-beams and rotate them over the table until they hang loose beside the table

  4. Grab all four sides of the table and push them toward the middle until they are straight

  5. Insert both table top and base into the carrying bag

  6. Close the bag by pulling on drawstring and pinching the toggle on either end, slide the toggle toward the bag opening, releasing the end once in place

Pro Tip: When folding the table top, use the bungee cord as a start point. Ensure these are facing out from the start to allow you to secure the table top easily when folded.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're heading out deep in the bush, or camping in an established park, the FE Active Kruger Folding Camping Table is the one piece of gear you didn't know you needed - that is, until you had one.

Gone will be the days of ants and other bugs crawling up and down your plate and drinks. Cooking in the bush is now a 1000x easier having a flat, hard surface to prepare you meals. With the table packing up small and weighing under 2 lbs, there really is no downside to owning one!

Wondering where you can buy the Kruger Folding Camping Table? Find everything online at, through an authorized distributor (such as or on Amazon.

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