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FE Active "Noosa" Ultralight Camping Chair Set-Up Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

If camping has been apart of your life for some time, chances are, you've been around big, bulky and uncomfortable camping chairs. Imagine being able to walk into camp, and within seconds, have a comfortable, low profile chair. Oh, and did we mention, when packed, isn't much bigger than your arm?

Say hello to the Noosa by FE Active. Built with campers, hikers and backpackers in mind, this 1.9 lbs chair will be your best-friend on long hikes, canoe trips and front country camping adventures.


With so many chairs on the market, how do you know which brand and chair to choose? It's simple really. Choose a brand that stands by their products, uses their own gear, and prices that make you smile. That's the FE Active difference.

Take a look at its versatility and materials. We've chosen only the best for this ultralight chair.

  • Made with high-grade aluminum. Our chair has no plastic parts in key joints like most folding chairs on the market

  • The fabric is constructed of 600D polyester and is finished with a PU coating. This additional coating makes it waterproof while preserving its longevity

  • Dimensions of 19.5" x 18.8" x 26.5" or 50 cm x 48 cm x 68 cm when set-up.

  • Weighs approximately 1.9 lbs

  • The load capacity is 330 pounds or 150 kg

  • Chair includes a compact fitted carrying bag


Setting up the Noosa is a very simple process! As you'll see, the chair comes in two parts - the metal base, and the fabric seat. Just attach the two, and you'll be lounging in no time. We'll look at how to set up and re-pack the chair below, but we encourage you to watch the video for better understanding of the process.


  1. Unzip the bag and remove the base and the fabric seat

  2. Unroll the fabric seat to reveal the metal base. Set the fabric seat aside

  3. All the metal pieces to "automatically" slide into place

  4. For the pieces that don't connect right away, help by sliding them into place. Pre-assembled internal bungee cords take away all the guesswork and keep things organized

  5. Place the chair on the ground with the black "foot caps" facing down

  6. Unwrap the fabric seat

  7. Slip the corner tabs of the seat over the chair poles, beginning at top

  8. Slip the corner tabs of the seat over the remaining two poles located near the bottom of the chair

  9. Sit and relax

Pro Tip: Don't be surprised if the seat fabric seem stiff to install during the first several uses. The seat fabric will stretch with use, and installation will become easier.


  1. Begin by pulling seat fabric off the support poles, beginning at the top.

  2. Fold the seat in half vertically once, and set aside

  3. Pull apart the metal frame, folding each piece in a way to become parallel to the main support pole

  4. Once together, roll the frame with the fabric seat starting from the bottom of the seat and working to the top

  5. Place wrapped chair into the bag and zip to close

Pro Tip: Use an elastic band to keep the chair legs together after taking the base apart. This will make it easier for rolling and handling

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a backwoods thru-hiker, weekend cabin goer, or front country stayer, you'll love the convenience, style and portability of the Noosa Ultralight Camping Chair. If you're looking for a compact chair, but are worried about the back support, step-up to the slightly larger (3 lbs) Nuqui version!

Wondering where you can buy the Noosa? Find everything online at or on Amazon.

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