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FE Active "Weligama" Sand-Free Blanket Set-Up Guide

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We love the beach. There's no denying it.

From the feel of the sun on our skin, to the sound of the crashing waves. The taste of the salt water in the air, and the smell of sunscreen, there is just so much to love. Oh, and in case you thought we forgot, there's also the stunning views as your eyes follow the coastline.

With our time at the beach being such a big part of our lives, it's important to take the proper gear with us to enhance our time there.

When we think of burning feet, and sand filled gear, we often forget that the beach can be a magical place. The FE Active Weligama Beach Blanket will take these pains and wash them away with the tides!


Made for the entire family, the Weligama Sand-Free Blanket will change the way you interreact with the beach. Use it as a play space for the kids, or as a sand filtering mat outside your FE Active Beach Tent - it doesn't matter - the dual mesh design will keep the sand out, and heat off your feet, making your trip that much better!

Want to know? Here's a few specs to wet your pallet.

  • Dual layer mesh technology that filters the sand from the top of the blanket. Sand can still enter from the bottom but it is quickly filtered back down as the blanket fluctuates.

  • Made of Polyester 210T Ripstop fabric

  • Large (family friendly) dimensions of 79" x 79" or 2 m x 2 m

  • Weighs approximately 12.5 oz or 360 g when packed

  • Includes a compact carry bag along with 4 stakes to anchor the blanket in place


Getting beach-ready has never been easier. The Weligama Sand-Free blanket comes in a portable and lightweight carrying pouch that makes transportation and storage a breeze. We'll look at how to set up and re-pack the blanket below, but we encourage you to watch the video for better understanding of the process.


  1. Loosen the drawstring around the bag opening by pressing on each end of the toggle and pulling away from the bag to open

  2. Pull out the blanket and locate the 4 corner pegs. Set them aside

  3. Unfold the blanket and position it on the sand in it's final location

  4. Screw the corner pegs into place by turning clockwise and pressings downward from the top into the sand

Pro Tip: Try keeping the blanket tight when screwing in the corners. The taught blanket will allow sand particles to filter out easier than if the blanket is loose.


  1. Begin by folding one end of the blanket 1/3 of the way toward the center

  2. Repeat your fold two more times creating a folded blanket that is 4 layers thick (which will be long and skinny)

  3. Fold entire blanket in half length-wise once

  4. Grab one end and fold it 1/3 of the way toward the middle, then from the other side, fold again, bringing it on top of your previous fold. This will create a final packed blanket that is 3 folds thick

  5. Insert the stakes into the final fold and slide everything into the carrying bag

  6. Close the bag by pulling on drawstring and pinching the toggle on either end, slide the toggle toward the bag opening, releasing the end once in place

Pro Tip: Use the natural creases in the blanket as a template when putting it back in the bag. This will help you re-pack the blanket exactly as it was before.

Final Thoughts

Our connection with the beach dates back thousands of years. We seem to have this "inherent call" to go and enjoy this unique part of nature.

If you feel such a call, be sure to prepare yourself for your visit.

In addition to bringing a blanket to lounge on, consider upgrading your comfort with a portable chair and beach tent. Having a FE Active Noosa Chair will allow you to relax in peace without the weight and size of a traditional beach chair. Looking for something a little more supportive? Step up your lounge game with FE Active's full-back version, the Nuqui. You'll get twice the support without compromising weight and packability.

Wondering where you can buy the Weligama Sand-Free Blanket? Find everything online at, through an authorized distributor (such as or on Amazon.

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