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FE Active "Zeros" Sleeping Bag Set-Up Guide

A sleeping bag is a vital part of your camping gear. Choosing the proper combination of warmth, weight and portability can really make or break your trip.

The FE Active “Zeros” sleeping bag is the perfect companion for those looking to camp in the warm summer nights. Ultralight and compact, this soft sleeping bag will save on space while keeping you warm and comfortable all night.


The Zeros will change the way you camp. This ultralight sleeping bag will save space and keep you warm as you explore the world under the warm summer nights. The Zeros is full of surprises, but we'll share some of our secrets by giving you the inside scoop!

  • 380T Nylon Polyester outer lining

  • Microfiber inner lining

  • Internal fill is an ultra soft Pongee (a mixture of silk and cotton)

  • Temperature Rating of 59 F or 15 C

  • 75" (L) x 30" (W)

  • 1.5 lbs

  • High end double zippers


Unpacking, packing and converting the Zeros into a double sleeping bag are all an easy process. We’ll outline the steps for each below, but we encourage you to watch the video for better understanding of the process.


  1. Loosen the compression straps by pulling the buckles away from the sleeping bag

  2. Move the straps away from the opening at the top of the carrying compression bag by pulling them to the sides

  3. Loosen the strings around the opening of the bag by pressing on each end of the toggle to open the mouth of the bag, allowing you to pull away and the string to loosen

  4. Fold the top down, or reach in and pull the sleeping bag out

  5. Unroll the sleeping bag

  6. Pull apart the Velcro clasp at the top of the sleeping bag to reveal the zipper

  7. Unzip the sleeping bag

  8. Once inside, zip the sleeping bag back up

Pro Tip: Close the Velcro clasp to keep the zipper from sliding down the bag during the night.


  1. Ensure the sleeping bag is fully zipped, and the Velcro clasp in place

  2. Folding lengthwise, fold one side to the middle of the sleeping bag

  3. Fold the other side of the sleeping bag on top of the folded layers to stack the sleeping bag three (3) folds high

  4. Begin at bottom of the sleeping bag and begin rolling all the way up the sleeping bag

  5. Insert the sleeping bag back into the compression carrying bag

  6. Pull the top of the bag closed by pulling on the strings, and use the toggle to keep the strings tight by pinching the ends and sliding the toggle toward the sleeping bag. Release when in place

  7. Place the straps over the top of the bag, and tighten the compression straps by pulling on the loose tabs at the bottom of the bag

Pro Tip: Rolling from the bottom of the sleeping bag will allow the air to escape out of the the top as you roll.

Turning two bags into one

  1. Completely unzip both sleeping bags

  2. Place one sleeping bag on the ground (logo faced down), completely open

  3. Place the second sleeping bag on top, lining the zippers up at their “start” points

  4. Zip the top sleeping bag to the bottom one

  5. Follow the zipper along all sides of the sleeping bag

Final Thoughts

Now that you are ready to head out and camp the night away, be sure to plan ahead for a comfortable sleep. Having a way to keep you off the ground will help provide a warmer, more comfortable sleep.

Consider getting yourself a traditional air mattress, inflatable camping pad, or a FE Active Jasper Cot. Looking for an alternative? Why not try hammock camping using our FE Active Trestles Camping Hammock - it may just be the best way to sleep yet!

Wondering where you can buy the Zeros sleeping bag? Find everything online at, through an authorized distributor (such as or on Amazon.

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