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Guardalavaca – Eastern Cuba’s Resort Town | Travel Series S:1 E:4

FE Active is more than just a camping gear company. We're proud to be a company run by travellers, adventurers and people "living the lifestyle" we promote through our products. One such employee had the opportunity to backpack across Cuba in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic, and in this Cuban blog series, will recount the adventures experienced along this amazing journey.

"After spending several days in the city of Holguin we wanted to get out and explore. Hiring a driver and heading to the beach was exactly the escape we were looking for."

Holguin is Cuba’s 4th largest city. Located in the eastern stretches of the island, this smaller city of 300,000 people offers more than you may think. After spending several days exploring the sights, sounds and foods of Holguin, we wanted to enjoy one of the biggest draws of the country – it’s beaches.

You can’t say Cuba without thinking beaches. White pristine sand is found at almost every beach. The warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean can be found everywhere you look. With these sights in our minds, we focused on the seaside resort town of Guardalavaca.

Classic American cars are an unexpected delight across all of Cuba. We decided to hire one of these wonderfully preserved cars to shuttle us to the paradise waiting for us an hour north of the city. Come see which vehicle we ended up taking by watching the video below.


Most tourists who visit the eastern side of the island end up visiting the Guardalavaca area due to the wide array of resort options, well priced accommodations, and a stunning beach. This was exactly the case when I first went to the island – spending my days at Club Amigo, my first, and only, resort experience. Although there are many resorts in the area to choose from, we’ll highlight just a few of them here.

Club Amigo Atlántico

Club Amigo is a 3-star resort with beachfront access. As in all-inclusive (option) you can enjoy pre-planned and buffet style means across several dining areas. Multiple pools can be found across the resort as well as different room options and rates. These different rates help appeal to a wide range of travellers (of all budget levels) all while contained within one central resort. If you are looking to explore Cuba outside of the resort, you can book “excursions” through the resort to take in you into town, or to other tourist areas in the surrounding area. Please note: Wi-Fi is NOT available at this location.

Paradisus Rio de Oro

This 5 star Eco-Resort will take your kid-free vacation to the next level. That’s right, this is a adult-only resort! Enjoy stunning views of the garden and sea in any of the rooms. The resort is located close to the Bahai de Najango ecological reserve and offers a wide selection of food, and even a spa, to help set this resort apart from the rest.

Sol Rio de Luna y Mares

Located close to Naranjo Natural Park, this resort is all about the amenities. Offering superior comfort and a wide array of day and evening activities, you’ll never get bored while spending your vacation here. With several pools and Jacuzzi's available, you’ll be able to relax pool side in style and luxury.

House After-Party

After a day of walking the beaches, having some drinks, and snorkelling along the shore, we were ready to end our time in Holguin by enjoying ourselves at a REAL Cuban house party. Music, dancing, and great food are just a part of a good Cuban house party.

We enjoyed traditional soups, and treats brought from home. With limited trading between Cuba and outside countries, snacks like chips and chocolate bars are practically unheard of within Cuba, so we were delighted when we were able to start sharing these items with our new friends and neighbours.

Looking to find out more about Cuba’s east? Be sure to follow our blog as we head to Santiago de Cuba – Cuba’s second largest city – with an Afro-Centric flare!

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