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Loma de la Cruz | Hill of the Cross | Holguin, Cuba | Travel Series S1:E3

For those looking for the best views of Holguin City, you'll want to turn your attention to Loma de la Cruz, or Hill of the Cross. From here, you'll have sprawling views of the countryside and the entire city.

FE Active is more than just a camping gear company. We're proud to be a company run by travelers, adventurers and people "living the lifestyle" we promote through our products. One such employee had the opportunity to backpack across Cuba in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic, and in this Cuban blog series, will recount the adventures experienced along this amazing journey.

"Yesterday we had the opportunity to explore Holguin City Centre. It was a wonderful little town with lots of color. With that in mind, we wanted a completely different perspective of town, and decided Hill of the Cross was the best way to get it"

There are few places in town where you can't get a glimpse of the Hill of the Cross. Situated along the northern reaches of the city, you can walk, climb, or drive to the top of this mountain to get some seriously stunning views.

The Views

Whether you climb the 458 steps, or get a ride to the top, you'll love the views from the top. Besides the cross itself, the top of Loma de la Cruz offers a lot of open space to relax, explore and even get a drink.

Loma de la Cruz | Hill of the Cross. Photo Courtesy of Destination Earth Instagram

Multiple view points allow 270 degree views of the city and surrounding countryside. From the top, you'll be able to see the peaks of some distant mountains in the east, the entire city to the south and small lakes and open spaces to the east.

The Story

There is a story behind the cross at the top. Not only does it symbolize the commitment of the people to following the teaches of the Bible, but also tells the story about how God has blessed the area - with the cross serving as a constant reminder of their blessing.

Long ago, a cross was placed on top of the hill. Over time, the cross turned black and became "bad" for the city. You see, once the cross turned black, the city went though a severe drought, effecting every resident in the area.

In an effort to relive this pressure, they decided to paint the cross white and to their pleasure, the droughts were lifted.

Whether or not the painting of the cross truly made any difference, the people of Holguin make this cross a central part of their lives. Each year on the 3rd of May, the festival is held in the city, and people begin the pilgrimage to the top of the mountain. A cross is carried from the city center, to the top, (the city's highest peak) where people can give thanks and renew their blessings for another year.

Where Next?

Our next instalment of this travel blogs takes us an hour north to the resort town of Guardelevaca. Here we explore the crystal clear waters, and warm soft sand before heading back to the city for a Cuban house party.

Learn more about these adventures by following along for future blog posts. FE Active is all about supporting your travel and camping goals, and equipping you for #thejourneyforward!

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