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Why Choose an Athletic Face Mask?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Pandemic or not, many of us are looking for ways to stay physically fit. Whether you plan on running outside, or staying in and hitting the gym, the reality is, you're going to need the proper mask to do it with. We'll be looking at athletic face masks in general in this article to start, and then focusing on one of the best in the market - the Cove Athletic Face Mask.

We all understand that wearing a mask indoors makes sense. When trying to reduce the transmission of a virus from one person to another, the physical barrier of a mask goes a long way. Be sure to check with your local federal, provincial/state and local governments to see what restrictions are currently in place before heading to the gym.

If you feel ill or show signs of a cold or Covid symptoms, please get checked and stay home until you are completely recovered. Remember, to continue The Journey Forward, we all need to work together.

Why should I wear a mask while running outdoors?

We know the best way to combat the spread of Covid-19 is to limit our exposure with people. Getting outdoors, and away from the city, will do more than just help with spacing ourselves in a socially distanced manner - it will help improve our physical and mental health.

Even while in nature, it's important to consider those we'll meet along the trail. By wearing a mask, we'll significantly decrease the chances of spreading our germs (and the virus) from one person to another. Remember, if we're running or exercising, our be breathing harder than normal - pushing our breath and particles even further than usual, increasing the likelihood of infecting someone else.

Although we know our own personal vaccination status, we don't know that of others. By wearing a mask, we can help protect the members of our community who cannot get the shot.

Why Choose an Athletic Mask for Exercising?

If you've tried exercising using a non-athletic mask, you'll likely agree that you'll start sweating as soon as you begin your workout. Cloth and surgical style masks trap our hot breath and keep it trapped against our face. Our sweat also gets stuck in the fabric, making for an uncomfortably wet experience. Over time, surgical style masks can also breakdown as the materials used can be damaged with moisture.

Did you know? The Cove face mask only ranks one category lower than N95 masks? That means you'll have exceptional coverage and particle protection (paired with the versatility of a lightweight, breathable mask) compared with other mask options on the market.

The Cove Athletic Mask

The Cove Athletic Face Mask helps minimize the pain points felt using traditional masks. Unlike conventional cloth masks, our Polyester / Spandex masks are ultralight and won't hurt your ears during use. They sit tight against your face, and won't impede your line of sight or bounce up and down as you run, making the actual experience that much better.

The Cove Athletic Face Mask

Sweating is part of our workouts. That's just a fact. Conventional masks trap and hold moisture making for an uncomfortable, wet mask. Our masks are designed to whisk away moisture and are quick drying, allowing you to focus on your workout without worrying about your sweaty face.

In addition to the moisture wicking properties, we've made these masks washable - allowing you to reuse these masks time and time again. Washing your masks keeps them fresh, reduces germs within the fabric, and helps protect the planet. These masks can be reused many times unlike single-use surgical masks.

Designed for all members of the family, we offer our athletic face masks in three convenient sizes: Kids (or extra small), Adult Small, and Adult Regular.

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